Dental Care South strives to be your premier choice when you’re looking for a dentist in or around Tuscaloosa, AL. We’re committed to providing all of our patients with comprehensive dental care. We achieve this by providing a wide array of services that range from cosmetic dentistry to general dentistry, personalized to suit the needs of every patient. Some of these services we offer include restorative treatments such as crowns and bridges.

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Crowns are used as a cover or cap to be placed on top of a damaged tooth. If your tooth has healthy roots, but has been damaged in any way, a dental crown is usually the preferred treatment plan. The purpose of a crown is to both strengthen and protect your tooth structure and also restore your tooth’s natural appearance and shape. Crowns are generally made from ceramic or porcelain material and matched to your tooth’s natural color to make sure that they blend in perfectly with your teeth.

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A bridge is a dental appliance meant to replace a missing tooth or a section of missing teeth. When you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth can end up shifting within your mouth and creating problems such as bad bites or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. A bridge is used to fill the gaps and prevent those problems. For a bridge to be put in, a crown will be placed on both sides of your missing teeth and then a replacement tooth or teeth will be inserted between them. A bridge works just the same way as normal teeth do and with proper oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

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